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 This is a Unique Approach to an age old problem, finding incoming links to your site that compliment, not compete with you. Again using Excel as a base, along with the concatenate feature, the user has to do some thinking ahead of time on paper. Listing related terms about their business, and how it’s used or applied to their business, both before their product is applied and after it is applied. Doing that in various situations to get a well rounded result pattern for optimum output.


 Something like a shower manufacturer. The ‘before’ coming in is water from the city or the fixtures and bathroom from home builders, and the ‘after’ is plumbing, drainage supplies or trench digging. All somewhat related so that each can link without the concern of losing paying visitors.


Previous methods to finding sites for incoming links were to just enter keywords related to your business or site concept, but what kind of results do you think that would get, competing sites with your own, right! and what site owner is going to send their traffic to a competitor? Very few unless they were getting paid to place that link there, and that is highly frowned upon by the search engines, understandably so.

Which give a bit of insight the incoming links has a relevant weight factor on ranking of sites on the search engine results pages (SERP). So there has to be a way of getting quality incoming links that you’re not paying for, but have the site owner graciously place a link to your site on their site, thereby sending you some free traffic.


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 The results from the business owners brainstorming can now be applied to the Excel tool which I created to save time and generate new content that probably would be overlooked by doing it manually,  will crunch the results into a format that’s taken to a level not used before for the incoming linking research. The input is systematically placed so that results will be combining their input into new phrases the user wouldn’t have thought of.

 These new phrases will target related businesses that compliment and not compete with their business for purposes of contacting them with a request of partnership of complimenting incoming links. This has been the logic of many search engine companies to create a flow-thru of common sense. A garden type site might link to a food producer (food from a garden can go to a food supplier), and the food producer might link to a restaurant (food can be shipped to different restaurants) and a restaurant can link to a baking supply store, and it goes on and on.


 None of these sites necessarily compete with each other, but they can compliment each other in many ways, and even link to each other back and forth providing their viewers helpful resources while they are on related sites. So the natural linking logic applies here to my tool which finds sites that compliment each other without direct competing of products that are too closely related.


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 Now with new search phrases in hand, you can find a treasure fold of new prospects you wouldn’t have considered before, but that doesn’t guarantee incoming links, you still have to contact  the site webmasters, but the logic factor is much more appealing than just contacting a site that competes with you, isn’t it!


There are methods of contacting these new sites that aren’t important at this site since they aren’t about my services here, but this shows how I can customize a tool for your benefit and apply it to most any logic process you may come up with.


 I have signed confidentiality agreements before, so I understand the concerns about proprietary rights and your interest in your new product. My only function is to help get your idea working the way you want it to work, and along the way you may find you want to add a feature or two to be more beneficial to the end user, we can do that.

Let me know which of my Talents can serve you best, contact me and lets talk.