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The Complete Revelation Timeline can be found at . This was a fun project from the beginning. The book of Revelation in the Bible is sometimes avoided because it has so many things that are just not the norm. But the beginning of the book says in chapter 1 verse 3, “Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy…”, it doesn’t say “Confused and Ignorant are those who read this…”. I had read portions of this, and many years ago went through the entire book, but still didn’t have a grasp of it. So I focused on one subject, thinking ‘once I get this, I’ll go on to something else’. About 6 months later I was still researching it, and still consider it incomplete, but at least I got that one subject answered, and a bit more.


Timelines are very helpful because they give you a birds eye view and the overall picture, and how multiples of things relate in a given period of time. Some timelines include how long certain projects will take so that the lifespan of the project can be known by connecting lifespans together when one can’t start until another is completed.Some project can overlap, but may have related dependencies that require them to end about the same time, so you have to work backwards from a given point to determine when a team must start on that project. Constant monitoring and adjusting is usually required to keep it on schedule and meet a clients request.

Critical issues can be caught by seeing how one phase relates to another, allowing phases behind it to be adjusted far in advance and prevent surprises and let adjustments and budgets to take place. How does a Revelation Timeline relate to a business timeline? Each requires research, how different events relate to another, and being able to piece the phases together so that it makes sense and allow for an understanding of the overall purpose.


If your staff is swamped with projects and you need an extra hand to develop a timeline for future projects, please contact me and lets talk.