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Data Collection is required before you can know your options. Until you know all your options, you can’t make intelligent decisions. Until you have enough pieces of the puzzle to see what you’re working with, you can’t provide your client with the best options available.  


The project shown involved going to the source of a product and finding all their options and bringing them all together in one source for users to have for a good reference guide  for purchasing.


  There can be such a variety in different models of an item that until you see all the details side by side you won’t know which is your best option. There was no such collection of data before I created this, and now its used by lead personnel in a company department. Even further it has been grouped into different categories to help identify the limits the vendor has put on it.

Identifying features were also included to help the decision making process such as which ones have wheels, handles, and what other jobs they were used on for additional reference guides. Bringing all this information together into one source was an idea I had after having to load up page after page to find which box might fit an application I needed.


Fortunately enough data could be found to piece together a good data list of all the products. Now the selection process is quicker, matches the need for the project much better, and prevents the selections of wrong sizes.


If you see a benefit in this example and need help in organizing a collection of data and save your staff from the process of putting it together, contact me and lets talk.