Learn how to Sort Large Data Files Using Excel Buttons, Powered by Macro’s that you record and Customized with Visual Basic that I teach you line-by-line. I will teach you how to give your Reports a Professional Look, and modify it any time you have a custom need.

No file is too large or too small. I have files that are over 15,000 rows, 10 columns wide, and each button sorts the data in one second. You’ll learn how to use Toggle Buttons so you can reverse sort from A-Z and Z-A. Learn the If…Then…Else sections of Toggle Buttons and make your Reports user friendly, even if they’re just for you.

Watch these videos to see what you’ll learn, and how it works so well.

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ScreenShotExcelQuick Reference to How It Works



Another Use For Multi-Level Sorting

Use these buttons in conjunction with the ‘Filter’ feature of Excel to enhance the speed of getting information from your data even faster. Filters are good and easy, but remove too much information from the screen when you might need to see other data that’s closely related to what you’re looking for.
Using Excel’s built in Visual Basic, you will customize your reports so that you can sort it 10 different ways, print each report, come back a week later, and you’ll know which report you’re reviewing without guesswork, and you don’t have to write anything down to label it. I will teach you how to generate the labels of each column so that at the click of a button it sorts your data in any order, then prints which column is the primary focus, just by the click of a button. Squeeze all of the work out of your buttons that you can, make them do double, triple duty.
I’ll teach you how to use the Custom Sort box so that you can use multiple levels to filter through the over growth of data and get down to the most important cell you need.You’ll learn that once you have a few macro’s already recorded, that you can copy from that macro and another macro and populate the code of a button you haven’t even used yet. Without recording the macro for that button, you’ll have generated the working code for it and tweaked it to sort your file in combinations that were just not visible until you clicked.
Classes can be taken at your convenience, day or night, and access to the lectures never ends. Six months from now you can come back to it as a refresher course and retake it as a whole, or individual lectures. Each lecture is on High Def. video with step-by-step instructions. Rewind, pause, stop, ask questions, you’re in control.With the link on this page, you’ll save 50% off the class price if you had just found the class by accident. Follow the link and watch the FREE introduction video that shows real life examples of how beneficial it can be for you.Get started Today. Get in control Today. Learn The Power of Excel.