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  A Process Flow guide can benefit someone during a learning curve, even help be a reminder to a group for consistent work procedures. Sometimes there are so many options its handy to have something that ties all the important steps together. If your company has standards that keep finding lose ends, let me tie them up for you.

I put steps together in graphic forms to create a flow guide that helps some people over just reading it in text format. I’m graphically inclined and can understand what’s needed to represent a clear path.

 Sometimes a graphic is quicker to understand because you can follow the line work from document to document showing how they link together. Enlarge the graphic above to see how just 2 documents with bills of material that link to a database can easily get confusing by just being described in text format.


Any company can benefit by streamlining their procedures to eliminate duplication and confusion. I believe I use methods that help solve questions from limited use and misunderstandings. If you have manuals that can use some freshening up that will benefit your bottom line, contact me and lets talk.