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The benefits of organized data saves time and money. It helps make intelligent decisions and allows you to move on to the next step. Getting that data into the order needed to make critical decisions quickly can be confusing for some. Having several fields of data only compounds the problem when you have to make repetitive steps for the same content. This particular data file has 16,755 rows, yet it can be sorted by any column in 1 second, and sorted by any column in reverse order in 1 second. Now consider needing to review that same data but in reverse. You’re repeating so many steps but the outcome is beneficial and necessary. What if you could have a tool to do it for you at the click of a button? You need to review each column and compare it to another column, and then another, then review it in reverse order. Each step involves the risk of mixing the data up into unrecognizable garbage if you fail to select all the data before sorting, or thereby getting invalid input.The image above may look very similar to you in that your data has many fields and unending rows.

Having Excel macros that are controlled toggle buttons allow the click of a button to quickly see, review and compare a massive block of data instantly, without manually taking the steps to select, open a sort box, chose which column, and sort criteria, and review, and probably forgetting what you just reviewed and have to do it all over again.You say “What about using filters, that acts like a huge sorting option, won’t that work just as easy and we don’t need any special customizing?”. Yes, you can use filters, and select a few items in the filter drop downs, and get similar results, but, you’ve now limited your viewing of the whole picture by filtering out other factors which could have an impact on the decision making. You can still use the ‘Filter’ option after sorting with your Excel macro’s, so you can have a double bonus by using both. But depending on your final goal, the filter could work just fine to get the answers you need. I’ve just found filtering removes data that could be helpful to make quality decisions, so most of the time I like to just use the ‘Sorting’ option.Here are some thoughts on leaving the filter option turned off, and having all the data available and just sort the columns by its properties. (Smallest to Largest,  A to Z):

  • Some columns have slight differences that discourage the checking and unchecking of so many boxes when there a hundreds of rows to a file
  • Visually seeing differences in column’s that are still seen can help make decisions better that trying to remember what they were and having to turn them back on.
  • It takes more time to select filter options from column to column that to just click on custom made Buttons one second after another to view your grouped data.
  • Visually seeing content in one form then switched to another, then back again can help see differences that otherwise would be missed. (Remember how movies used to be made when they first started? They were on cards that got flipped so fast that it looked like the figures were moving, and that was because you saw small differences quickly and those little differences stood out, this is a factor that helps.
  • Columns with slight differences are most visible when seen in the same column with others that are similar. A filter would eliminate the possibility of seeing that.


 You can ‘add to’ the page with updated data from the same source. The great benefit of this is there is no need to get the new input in order before you add it to the page. Once the page has the new data in place, just click on the button of your choice and its all instantly organized along with the existing data, just as if it had been there all along. Once a page has been developed it can be copied and used for other purposes by just populating it with new data as long as the content is of similar matter. Custom modifications are available upon request to fit any need.


The speed and ease of just clicking a button to sort any column in forward or reverse order will save you time and money. I welcome any challenge so that I can help you succeed quicker. Please contact me with your request today, let’s talk.