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  Cross Reference guides help confirm and establish methods used to create a standard. Without verified proof that methods you use have proven bullet-proof, you face the problem of rework and loss of credibility. However if you provide or use documentation established by standards that have a proven track record, then you’re basing your work on solid ground.


 The document shown lists 3 established references that can support rules that define drawing titles for documents. Not only does it have the 3 references, but at each phase of the title breakdown, there are chapter sections, page number and line references that tie back to each reference as proof of how to define a document title to meet a government standard. Each cross reference guides you back to a standard, and each cross reference is supported by the other cross reference, helping to establish sufficient policies that govern a solid foundation, thereby giving you timeline confidence to develop reputable and repeatable work.


If you have a project that requires guidelines that must be followed and need procedural guidelines to use as reference templates, I can help develop them with you.


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