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This Excel Macro driven tool takes a complicated task and simplifies it extremely well. The tool can be adapted for many purposes and not just for it’s original goal. Many people think Excel is just for number crunching, and while it’s true that it’s powerful for that, it’s also very powerful for many other uses, and this demonstrates just that. 

¬†Using the concatenate function, you can merge 2 or more text strings together, which is what is done here. The tool is part of a Talent Finding Discovery method, which works with keyword combinations the user develops ahead of time. Grouping common phrases in columns, the tool ‘Combines’ every possible combination and converts them into usable sentences which the user can now browse thru to find multiples of focused descriptions of their Natural Talents and Abilities.


These Natural Talents and Abilities were somewhat hidden before, in that the user may not have been able to put into words what their specialties are, now they can. This solves the question we all ask ourselves, “What is my purpose?”, “What am I supposed to do in life?” The Macro Driven Excel tool allows the user to run a program with an office tool that just about everyone has, without knowing anything about programming or running macro’s, and get powerful results from their own input. The results are exponential, in that by only adding a single word to the format, they can get almost another thousand results.


The represented program above developed over 3,240 different sentences  in about 15 seconds, using just the input from the user, nothing else. A feature is also built into the program to clear the results from a click of the mouse, allowing the user to think about their data, and not how to clean the slate to start over.
This is only one example of how I can develop a tool for your benefits. If the results of this Excel tool, or something like it stirs your thinking about how it could benefit an application you have, I would be glad to develop one for you.


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