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Reference Diagrams help understand the overall picture of how some things are related to others. Some people need pictures to understand how it all comes together best (I do), some can understand by reading alone, others may need a video, animation, and so on.
So providing different versions can help everyone see the same picture, and understand it as one group, like in a courtroom environment, when you need to make sure to get the point across.

Research and the collection of related data provides a thorough overview to describe the picture sufficiently. Providing a variety of documented proof establishes an authoritative representation when each has sufficient references for validation.


¬†Graphics are excellent ways to transfer quick thoughts without taking up limited time, and are sometimes the first thing someone sees because they’re simple and the mind can digest it quicker than converting words into a thought pattern.


If you can use a presentation similar to this to convey your message, contact me and lets talk.