Adding Value to Existing Valuable content makes your material stand-out from your competitors ordinary cookie-cutter, same as the other guy’s copy. You now have a Unique, Value Added, useful tool that your customers can find sufficient reason to chose your product over your competition.

Later if your competition copies you because they see how much better yours is, you will still have the advantage because you originated the Value Add, and you will be known for the Creative Concept.

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In the Examples above, Terry Dean’s Internet Lifestyle training has provided some excellent online material to learn how to ‘Earn More, Work Less, Enjoy Life!’ from the Internet.

I took this course and thoroughly benefited from it, while also learning directly from Terry’s many years of Internet experience and training. While I was taking notes, I found the desire to go back and review different areas to refresh and remember what points were made. I found it beneficial to document the time in the Video/MP3 that a point was made, I will call these Time-marks, similar to book-marks, making it easier to find exactly where you need to go back to faster.

I also developed a Quick Reference Guide with highlights of the major points and details so that his members could use this to have a Birds-eye view of the training. Not only finding the area of interest they needed, but now have a Time-mark where to find that gold nuggets faster in each of the Videos/MP3’s, and go right to the training they needed without having to hunt through an entire message.

Now a student can learn the point they were after and continue in the training, without spending valuable time just searching. Each of the 8 keyword searchable, quick reference highlight tools I developed were rich with valuable main points and details covered in Terry’s messages. Also each of the 8 searchable tools covered several Videos within each Module, about 67 Videos in all.

I suggested this to Terry, provided an example, and was honored to have him add my breakdown with Time-marks to his training material, as seen below.