Doing what you enjoy doing for a living is what we all dream of. Finding what comes Natural and turning that into a business is exciting. All of the examples shown on this site were developed by me and had actual applications that saved time and prevented errors. Best of all I enjoyed created everyone of them.

Services shown here include Excel Macro’s and Visual Basic, Flowcharts for Streamlining Production, Cross Reference Guides to save time in research work, Unique ways to Generate New Ideas from existing data, Collective Merging of Data to provide a Quick Selection Process, Step-by-Step Decision Charts that prevent Bottle-Neck Problems and allow for an Assembly Line Smoothness, and Checklist Guides that Prevent Overlooking Important Manufacturing Decisions.

More Precisely, these descriptions narrow down my abilities:

  • Breakdown the complex to simplify by making a quick reference guide for consistency.
  • To breakdown a process to understand by making a step-by-step guide for an assembly line smoothness.
  • To create a process to train by making a flow chart to remove questions.


Any company can benefit by streamlining their procedures to eliminate duplication and confusion. I believe I use methods that help solve questions from limited use and misunderstandings

Each of these services come second nature to me. If you find they may be beneficial to you or your business, I would be glad to sit down with you and talk business.

Please contact me and describe which service can solve your need.


David H. Reynolds